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+97146081129 / nisar
who is this
+97144031587 / Ahmad AlRamahi
who is this number?
+97165930249 / lucy / Negative
+971558191740 / Ab mahmed / Positive
السلام عليكم ورحمه الله انا متضرر من العمل وعاوز اشوف عيالي 25245510حساب ابوظبي الاسلامي ولكم الشكر
+97142924122 / shimaa
who call me
+97147039999 / mhd
I also missed this number, and also try again to dial back again, and was repeat "your call is in a queue" nothing else, I would like to know how is called me
+97142751498 / Vibin
Which company
+97147039999 / Boogie / Negative
I got a call too but I missed it so I called back same it was in que for a long time I think it’s a scam of some sort
+97142935610 / Tanisha / Negative
+971509090044 / جهاد الحربي
انا نفسك بس بدون مفتاح المنطقه من يكون هو دق مره وحده ورجتت ادق يقول مقفل