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+971558191740 / مريم الزعابي / Positive
أناشدك باسم الكريم بان تسدد ديني لاني لم استطع السداد وسوف تتشتت عائلتي. الرقم. 0502112051
+97145634510 / mohd
no i cudnt answ
+97145634584 / Jamiel / Negative
+97145508321 / Jithin / Negative
Same situation I faced also, somebody called me and started complaining that I called him and why like that... Started shouting and I told him kalas stop I didn't call you
+97142937225 / ayyub
who called me
+97124977781 / Jen
Who is this
+97148706066 / Ramadan Ahmed
Be careful, Those are thieves earning for their living from frauds. The items sold and devices are second hand not original and appears to be manufactured somewhere else and refurbished. They say new but not expressly in the post and they might send you stones and sticks on empty boxes. Believe me you don't want to try it . Better you give the money to charity .
+97147039999 / satheesh
i received a miss call from this #Please tell me whose no is this
+971529086311 / Mohammed / Negative
Its Missed Call