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+97143686554 / Big Q / Negative
They proposing numbers for my to rent from du. This is a very bad company
+971800035703763 / abdul rahim
the caller says he is from fedex and there is a parcel that needs to be diverted.
On checking his office number or direct mobile number he cut the call. scam
+97142914407 / Ann Trickey
This number has called several times. I did not answer as I do not recognize the number.
+97147062345 / Irina
Who called me?
+97124090311 / Roldan B. Cabales / Positive
Can you call me again. May I know who is this and how can I help you?
+97143160405 / MK / Positive
خدمة العملاء من بنك الإمارات الإسلامي، يتصلون للتحقق من مشتريات بطاقة الائتمان إذا تم ذلك عن طريق النت أو من خارج الدولة.
+97165558337 / مركز اوركيد الطبي / Positive
مركز اوركيد الطبي الشارقة كورنيش الخان برج قصر الخان
+97165934847 / ces / Positive
who called
+97165075746 / Lol
Called me twice. Didn’t answer.