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+97145068529 / N / Negative
They called me everyday, I didn't pick up until I called them back to ask why they called. They are calling to promote so I told him to never call again and blocked this telemarketing spammer
any idea who or what this company is
+971543194642 / Bala
who are you
+97145634213 / Rosh
The call is from Du Telecom
+97146036819 / S / Negative
Got a call from +97146036819 from dubai, the guy says his name is Mohamed and he is calling from Emirates NBD bank for credit card sales. Seems a scam , not actually from the bank.
+971559667944 / Negative
Hochgradiger Betrug. Sehr gefährlich! VORSICHT!
+97146089500 / ismail
i want to know where is this call from
+971503521227 / Hussain
Hello .Plz tell me about this number.Who's this .
+97142110109 / stuart
+97145094809 / raniah migdady