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+97144173600 / Hawk / Negative
Called me at 3am and when I answered, they hung up.
+97143160015 / Nad / Negative
Someone used this number to try and scam me with my document information
+97148182764 / SHAHBAZ AHMED AFSAR
who called me
+97145101626 / Hussain / Positive
Who call me
+971562088163 / محمد الزبيدي
+97145508321 / Dd / Negative
Received a call from this number saying my food is ready(chinese accent), i did not order anything, i was asleep. And that i kept on calling them, said he’ll turn my number to the police. It was just weird.
I got call from this number, doesn't reveal it's identity
+97142935734 / Ali / Positive
Najm credit promotion
+97165934817 / Kari
I have not answered
+97147015585 / Aslam
Who called me